multi-awarded organisation

Awarded for promoting

excellence and high

community participation

started in 1996,​ constituted in 1999

Action for Stannington is a public awareness campaign inviting people to take positive action towards issues such as littering and thoughtful use of resources.

The key to improving the local environment and the success of most voluntary groups lies in raising awareness and encouraging residents to look after their community.

We organise group events to contain the problem e.g. "Spring Clean", whilst on the other hand we strive to find long term solutions e.g. co-operation with schools and promotion of recycling.

We can all help protect and preserve our local area through careful behaviour and voluntary activities.

Every member of Action for Stannington is an unpaid volunteer dedicating their time towards a cleaner, greener and safer neighbourhood.



to the action for stannington


  • ​Litter and fly tipping
  • Recycling
  • Reporting issues
  • Stannington Park
  • War Memorial
  • Gardening services
  • The Good Dog Scheme
  • 20mph in Stannington
  • Work with young people
  • Requesting a tree
  • Clean rural footpaths

You can make a difference.

The Queen's Award

for Voluntary Service

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Working with the future generation, to instil a sense of pride and belonging for your area, as well as helping bridge the generation gap.

The volunteers help with the upkeep of Stannington Park and the War Memorial.

Green public spaces are kept clean for the residents and visitors to Stannington.

This website is

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We distribute 5,500 newsletters, twice a year, to the residents of Stannington and surrounding area in order to raise awareness.

Miles of rural lanes and footpaths are kept free of litter.

A record number of fly tippers have been caught in the Stannington area.